More About Payday Loans

What is cash advance or payday loans?

Both names refer to the same product, which is unsecured loans that are supposed to be repaid quickly. The loan repayment period is within thirty days, that is, after the applicant has already received his or her salary.
Who is the payday loan for?

This loan is designed to help individuals who have an immediate need for money. Fundamentally, these loans take the form of medical or automotive emergency.
How much can I apply for?

Normally, the lender has the final decision on the loan amount the applicant will after reviewing his or her application. However, you can apply up to $1500.
What are some of the payday loan qualifications?
Compared to traditional loans payday loans are easy to apply. Some of the requirements include:

  • A reliable and consistent source of income
  • Aged 18 and above
  • Be a citizen of the United States
  • A checking account or savings account that has direct deposit.

How can I apply for a payday loan online?
If you want to apply for a loan, you can fill and submit an online loan application form that is available on our website. Once you complete the application process and have agreed on the terms, the approval process begins, and you will be informed accordingly. Normally, if there are no underlying issues, you should receive the money in next working day.

How can I apply for a payday loan in person?
Applying for a loan in person is easy, there are local lenders in most major cities in the US. You can use your phonebook, Google, or use directories like to find payday lenders near you.

What are some of the important details needed in the form?

Your name, employment details, contacts, address and your bank information will be needed to finish your request.

How secure will the information I provide?
We value and respect our client’s privacy when it comes to managing their personal and financial information. For instance, a 128 bit secure socket is just on of the many technologies we use that ensure the safety of your personal information.

Do you have an application fee?
No charges are levied whatsoever and if any it is charged by the lender. The average APR will be close to 2120%, but again it also depends on the lender.

Does submitting an application force me to take a loan?
Not at all, it just a mere proposal showing that you wish to review the available loan options. In fact, using your electronic signature you can confirm the information you had previously provided and if you so wish, you can also withdraw your request. Also you may agree to the terms by signing electronically.
How will poor credit affect me?
There is no need to worry about that because we have many lenders in our system and will find the one who will meet your needs.
How will being eligible affect my tenancy?
It does not matter at all about your tenancy.
Does my information need faxing?
Only under special circumstances will you be asked to fax your information; it is private.
Can I take more than one payday loan?
Absolutely not; you can only take one loan at a time.
Are our previous or current employers contacted?
We do not contact them, your information remains confidential and cannot be shared to others unless you consent to it or a court order has been issued to us to give your private information.
Must I have a direct deposit?
Yes, so that you may be able to qualify for cash advance, it is also a secure way to offer loans.
At what point do I receive the payday loan?

After you have applied for it and it has been approved you will be able to receive it the next day (working day) or the same day.
When is the loan due date?
The loan should be paid immediately you receive your salary, but this can vary.
What happens if I do not pay my loan on time?
The lender can take legal action against you. This is why you need to get in touch the lender.
How do I get the payday loan?
We are always available whenever you need us to assistance you even between pay periods. Use of loans should be taken with great caution because they do not offer you with long-term solutions to your financial problems. This facility is designed for short-term cash solutions, that is, if you need it urgently.
Does a part time worker qualify?
So long as you meet the requirements, you qualify.
Kindly summarize the online loan process.
The online payday loan process is quite simple. The first step is to apply; if you qualify, your loan will be approved immediately. Once the loan is approved, you will receive a loan offer from the lender will all the information such as your fees, the closing date and other relevant information. The final step involves the applicant reviewing offer and if he or she is in agreement with the terms, then the applicant should use his or her electronic signature just below the application form.
Once this is done, he or she will then get your loan via electronic transfer to his or her bank account on that same day. On the due date the loan and other fees are deducted from your account.
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