What is a Payday Loan?

What are payday loans, cash advances, payroll check advances or deferred deposit loans? There are many other names for payday loans – cash advances, payroll advances, deferred deposit loans, payday advances and paycheck advances just to name a few. Payday loans are short term loans that are usually due the next time that you get […]

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Oh No! Not Another Surprise Expense!

Oh no! Not another one of those surprise expenses! What was it this time? Auto repairs? Utility bill? Rent? Just thank your luck stars you live in the age where quick cash is as accessible as high interest credit cards. Up until the mid 1990’s people had no choice but to wait till their next […]

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Getting Started with Payday Loans

You can request a cash loan from $100 to $500 before your next payday. You do not need to visit any store you can complete the payday loan application from the safety and comfort of your home or office. To be approved for a loan, you must: Have a current job for at least 90 […]

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Payday Loans- A Popular Short-Term Lending Option

By far the most popular form of short-term borrowing, payday loans offer modest amounts of money over a fairly brief term to help borrowers in a financial pinch. A payday loan has distinct characteristics that separate it from other lending products, such as title loans, cash advances, and personal loans. Generally, a payday advance loan […]

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How a Payday Loan Works

Payday loans are a recent addition to the list of financial options available to consumers. Popularity for this type of loan has grown exponentially ever since the late 1990’s due in large part to the minimal qualifications and the relatively short wait time between application and receipt of the loan. What once was a small […]

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More About Payday Loans

What is cash advance or payday loans? Both names refer to the same product, which is unsecured loans that are supposed to be repaid quickly. The loan repayment period is within thirty days, that is, after the applicant has already received his or her salary. Who is the payday loan for? This loan is designed […]

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